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Cooking for a Lifetime: A Cancer Prevention Cooking School


Funding Opportunities

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Affiliates in Tennessee
Contact your affiliate to apply for funding to conduct breast cancer education and screening. Funding will pay for food, educational materials, travel and incentives needed to conduct the Cancer Cooking School.

The goal of this cooking school is to increase the cancer literacy of Tennesseans through a partnership of county representatives using a cooking school format as a tool to attract and motivate Tennesseans to learn more about cancer prevention and screening. Cancer literacy refers to an individual’s ability to obtain, process, and understand basic cancer information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions concerning cancer prevention, screening, treatment and survival from cancer. Four cancers are discussed: breast, cervical, colorectal and skin.

Target Audience

  • Women, especially low income women, foreign-born women and African American women*
  • Men, especially low income and African American men*

* Unfortunately, minority men and women are more likely than whites to die from breast, cervical and colorectal cancers.

Participant Objectives

Through this cooking school, participants will be able to:

  1. Change eating and activity patterns to decrease risk for cancer;
  2. Select and prepare foods with less fat and sodium and more fiber;
  3. Seek age-appropriate screening for different cancers including breast, cervical, colorectal and skin;
  4. Access the Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program in their county if they need financial support to obtain breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Do you want to form a TEAM UP TN Partnership in Your County?

Contact your county UT Extension educator to discuss how to establish a team of county partners who want to improve Tennesseans ’ understanding and access to breast, cervical, colorectal and skin cancer education and screening.