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HPV Toolkit: Clinicians

Did you know that a recent study showed one in four girls aged 14-19 have an STD and that some studies estimate up to 80% of people will have Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at some point over the course of their life? No matter where you practice or what demographic you serve, your patients are not exempt from the growing threat of HPV. As a clinician, you play an influential role on how patients will handle HPV prevention. Advocating HPV vaccine(s) is one way to help your patients prevent an HPV infection. Armed with knowledge and communication skills, your input can be the turning point for your patients (and/or their parents). Research shows that one of the greatest predictors of patient intent to vaccinate is the recommendation they receive from their health care provider. Need an HPV refresher? Refer to the HPV Fact Zone for relevant facts and statistics about HPV and the HPV vaccine.