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Frequently Used Tools:

HPV Toolkit: Hosting HPV a Talk/Event

Tips on Hosting a Campus HPV Event

Finding a Speaker For Your Event (examples):

  • Local OB/Gyn or physician
  • Women’s health provider
  • Someone motivated to help prevent HPV/cervical cancer (cervical cancer survivor or friend/relative of a survivor)
  • Representative from the American Cancer Society

Tools to Help You Present the Message Yourself:

Check with drug companies who may be able to sponsor your event:

Merck – manufacturer of Gardasil (HPV Vaccine)

GlaxoSmithKline - manufacturer of Cervarix (HPV Vaccine)

Spreading the Word on Importance of HPV Testing and Cervical Cancer Prevention (Digene, makers of the HPV Test)

Note: For more educational handouts, see other sections of this site specific to the age group that you are trying to reach. For general HPV information, refer to the HPV Fact Zone.