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HPV Toolkit: School Nurses & Youth Educators

Did you know that many young adults surveyed say they first heard about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) from health education they received in school?  School teachers and school nurses are a very important source of health information for young people. Other important youth educators include those that lead 4-H groups, Girl Scouts and other types of youth groups. You are able to reach students at a time when they have often turned a deaf ear to other adults in their lives. You may have heard recent reports that show one in four teenage girls between the ages of 14-19 have an STD. This topic is too widespread to ignore. Please use this site as a resource for lesson planning and information about HPV. There are several links below that will make it easier for you to get information about HPV to the young people you can reach. You may also benefit from information found in others sections on this Web site designated to the age group that you are teaching or their parents. Thank you for being a health advocate to a very important population.