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TEAM UP Tennessee: Recommendations for Screening,
Testing and Vaccination

General Screening Recommendations

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines from Several Health Organizations

The HPV Test

The HPV Test can detect if any of 13-14 High-risk HPV types are present in the cervix. This test is usually not advised for women under age 30 unless they have an abnormal pap (due to the high HPV rate in this age group and transient nature of the virus). Over age 30, it is becoming more common for doctors to test for HPV along with normal pap screening.

Thinking about Testing for HPV?

Lab Tests Online – The HPV Test

Key Points about the HPV Test (see side column for more topics)

The Pap Test

Pap testing is an important screening tool to detect changes in cervical cells that can lead to cancer. Pap testing is necessary with or without the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine does not prevent infection of all high-risk HPV strains. For this reason Pap testing is recommended even after the HPV vaccine is administered.

Pap Testing

The HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine Recommendation from ACIP (The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices)